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Friday, 22 July 2011

Installation of New EMC VNXe 3300 - Part 2

Following on from setting up the iSCSI connectivity i needed to create some CIFS shares to replace a windows 2003 file server. Connectivity from the VNXe to the switch infrastructure was very simple due to how the VNXe fails over and fails back.

We currently have a pair of Cisco 3750's in a stack for the core connectivty of the data network so it was very simple to take a single RJ45 from SPA into one of the 3750's and a single RJ45 cable from SPB into the other 3750. Again as described in part 1, if the VNXe detects a cable fault or switch failure it willl fail over only the services on that network port affected to the other controler and back again once connectivty is resumed.

To increase network performance the CIFS service was configure on SPB as the primary connection ensure that both controlers were being used in an active / active senario (SPA is being used for iSCSI - from part 1).

That pretty much sums it up. Any questions or comments please feel free to ask and i'll add them to my blog.

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